Using Pry With

As my current warchest of Ruby on Rails projects grows larger, I've found that there are better alternatives for development servers than the plain old WEBRick. A good alternative is Pow.

What I like about Pow is that it allows you to have a clean browsing history, because each application you run under Pow lives under its own local dev domain (For example:,

Routes inside each application are be different, and if all of them are always executed under 'http://localhost:3000', your routes history is probably messy. Pow helps you with this by isolating the URL per application.

The biggest downside I had with Pow is that I was not able to use pry for debugging. I find pry to be a very useful gem, because it allows me to step into any running request, method, etc (from any controller, model, or test suite), and prompts me with a very rich interactive console.

There's a gem called pry-remote that enables debugging with pry. It's very simple to use. Instead of calling binding.pry, you use binding.remote_pry. And then, you connect via the terminal with the command pry-remote.

It's that simple.