2012 in Review

This year there has been many changes in my life, so I thought that as a way of reviving this blog, I would share my personal review of my 2012. Hopefully this will entice me to have an even better 2013.

  • I started a new job in february for a consulting firm, a project that has been developed using Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and I have to say that this job has allowed me to train my programming skills like no side project could have done it. I feel that I have a very good grasp of the language and thankfully I’ve had to opportunity to work with a great team, which has led me to improve even more. This job is my first full time job (for the past four years I’ve worked part-time), so the first couple of months were hard in the way that I always finished the work day exhausted and I wasn’t able to do anything after returning home. Thankfully now that I have been working for almost a year, my stamina has gone up, so I am able to come back home and hack on some side projects.

  • I was able to do my first full-TDD side project with Rails, and I have to say that after a couple of weeks I got faster and faster writing tests first, and in my opinion this has led me to have a codebase where bugs show up faster in the terminal that in the browser.

  • Calisto received a major upgrade and changes, and is going to be rebranded soon =).

  • I had the chance to buy and read a whole list of technical books, which have opened my eyes in many ways that would have been impossible unless I read them. Particularly, the book ‘Metaprogramming Ruby’ by Paolo Perrota has had the greatest influence in my code recently, and has even changed the way I approach the design. Other great hits include:

    • Exceptional Ruby
    • Crafting Rails Applications
    • The Rails View
    • The RSpec Book
    • Javascript The Good Parts
    • Javascript The Definitive Guide
    • Don’t Make Me Think
    • Designed for Use
  • I got to try the Try iOS course by CodeSchool and finally understood how is that iOS applications are developed and how they are structured. I didn’t like Objective-C’s syntax so much, but I guess that it’s hard to feel empathy for verbose languages if you’ve been spoiled so much with languages like Ruby on Python.

  • Starting 2012 I got very inspired by reading an article in Mens Journal called Everything You Know About Fitness is a lie and in January I started going to the gym regularly to do barbell training almost exclusively. In two months I was able to raise a lot more weight in bench pressing and squats that I have ever before had, but I stopped going in March because my job’s schedule and my stamina after work was not the same. I plan resuming attending again in 2013, probably before work early in the morning, and tracking my personal metrics to follow my progress.

  • I was able to complete my first glider cross-country flight, 100 kms to be specific, and I loved the experience. 30km final glide of the cross country flight

Overall, I think that I had a good year, and can’t wait for 2013. As a goal I want to learn more about good visual design, and get fit, besides getting even better as a programmer. The pilot inside me will also get more attention and hopefully I’ll be able to call 2013 a success as well.